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Everything You'd Like to Know About Tariffs

Listen to an on-demand webinar from the Live Q&A with Dragon Innovation's VP of Strategic Innovation, Shawn Chang, and Fictiv's International Logistics Lead, Ricardo Ortiz.

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During this webinar, you'll uncover at least these 5 "key takeaways"+ more.

  1. Understanding the "rules of origin" schemes as it pertains to your products. 
  2. Misclassifying your goods to avoid payment of duties. DON'T.
  3. Shifting production from China to other areas like APAC, Europe, Mexico and the US.
  4. Breaking down HTS codes and lists published for Section 301 sanctions.
  5. Prototype import costs as it pertains to tariffs.

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Shawn Chang, VP of Strategic Planning at Dragon Innovation

Fictiv Logo Green   ricardo

Ricardo Ortiz, International Logistics Lead at Fictiv


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